Sarah McCarthy for Denver Clerk & Recorder
Former Governor Richard Lamm supporting Sarah McCarthy at Park Hill Meet/Greet, March 2019.

Former Governor Richard Lamm supporting Sarah McCarthy at Park Hill Meet/Greet, March 2019.

“I’ve known Sarah McCarthy for more than 20 years and worked with her in government, so I know that Sarah is  the candidate with the greatest depth of experience in government administration and policy development. Sarah is known for her integrity and for her election work in the spirit of non-partisanship.”

— Former Colorado Lt. Governor Gail Shoettler

"One of the few things I brag about…the people I brought into government, and Sarah was one of them. She has just excelled in everything that she has done.  But the key thing is that this is a really important administrative job and Sarah is a really wonderful first-rate administrator.  When you think about the things you need to serve in office -- personality, integrity, hard work -- Sarah has got all of them and I recommend her highly."

— Former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm

"I have known Sarah in many capacities for more than 30 years--employee, colleague, friend, dedicated worker in myriad community endeavors and (from the sidelines) as a wife and mother.  In all those roles, I have known her to be intelligent, hard-working, honest, creative, competent and kind.  She would serve Denver as Clerk and Recorder with the highest excellence and integrity and genuine love for the city."

— Sharon Sherman

"Sarah has many years of experience and skills that make a difference in all levels of community – neighborhood, city, and state.  People who know Sarah know she can make things work."

— Kathleen Casteel, City Park neighborhood, Denver


"What's really impressed me about Sarah is her abilities to manage processes and people in addition to her vast public administration experience."

— Sherri Way, Attorney & President of Local Registered Neighborhood Organization.



Supporter Videos

Supporter Maya Thomas, an East High graduate & Spelman College senior, will vote either online or by the new phone app on May 7th.

An East High graduate currently pursuing a medical degree, Daniel Eyassu has known Sarah McCarthy for 6 years.

East High grad and Denver rapper Myell WestCoast supports Sarah McCarthy for Denver Clerk and Recorder

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