Sarah McCarthy for Denver Clerk & Recorder

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Why are you running for Denver Clerk and Recorder? (Why should Denver residents vote for you for the office of Denver Clerk and Recorder?)

My depth of experience in public administration has shown me that governments can be effective and efficient.  As a long-time resident of Denver, I want to use my detail-oriented professional experience managing complex budgets and programs with my passion for nonpartisanship as Clerk and Recorder so that all clerk’s office duties achieve the same high regard as its elections division.

What experience would you bring to this office?

I am a professional public administrator who has worked for the City of Denver and the State of Colorado.  My professional experience includes work with all three branches of government (judicial, legislative, and executive) at all three levels (federal, state, and local).  I have managed complex government budgets, construction budgets, and non-profit budgets. I have designed, from scratch, and successfully implemented new government processes that have affected thousands of employees and residents.  My voter service leadership role with Denver’s League of Women Voters has prepared me to oversee Denver’s elections with a focus on effectiveness and non-partisanship. My experience in construction management and rehabilitation of historic properties, including low-income housing, has made me familiar with the spectrum of real estate document recording aspects of the office, and I have been an observant and active voter in Denver for many decades.

What are the challenges facing the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s office?

The first challenge of new leadership in the clerk and recorder’s office is to continue to deliver high quality, well-regarded services while monitoring and working to improve all its services.  More importantly, the office faces the new challenge of implementing the recently-approved public financing of municipal campaigns. Only a few cities across the country have tackled this task of establishing a Fair Elections Fund.  The challenge will be building a smooth and transparent process for this fund that is both effective for participating candidates from day one and successful in quickly proving its integrity for the long term.

What changes would you make in the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s office?

I am not running to make changes in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office, but to continue its quality delivery of established services and prepare it to meet changes and any needed improvement of services for its future.  Can it better serve Denver’s many language communities, for example? Can its online searching and delivery of documents be improved? My experience has taught me that good government services can always be made better.

How would you improve the voting process in Denver?

Thanks to Amber McReynolds and her team, Denver has a well-run elections process that is nationally recognized for its quality, but rules, laws, and technology will all continue to change, so the new clerk will need to ensure that Denver remains ready to anticipate and implement changes, and also to preserve and extend its reputation for quality.

How much of a role will technology play in the future of services provided by the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s office?  What experience do you have bringing the right technology tools to the government setting?

Technology provides advantages to some clients and may often disadvantage others, such as the elderly who have little experience or exposure to technology, to special language populations, or to individuals who are differently-abled.  

My experience upgrading government offices with current technological tools has shown me there may be times when a piece of paper is superior to an app.  The work of the Clerk and Recorder’s office is to recognize these varying needs and distinguish which tools might work best to address them equitably.